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Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage

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Woodland Heritage is a unique charity formed 20 years ago, by a group of traditional cabinetmakers who wanted to put something back into trees and woodlands for future generations.

Our work includes: Linking the tree grower with the end user, tree planting projects, educational courses, scientific research and study bursaries to ensure that the next generation has the knowledge, skill and respect for trees, which is so essential for a sustainable environment.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly natural resource known to Man, but planting trees means nothing without continual aftercare to ensure they survive to a healthy maturity.

Growing trees of quality ensures woodlands have an economic value and valued woodlands provide a sustainable natural environment.
An Oak tree can live for well over 100 years and then for another 1000 years as a beam in a fine building, or as a piece of craftsman-made furniture.

For more information go to www.woodlandheritage.org