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Memorial Plaques with Supporting Plinth

Memorial Plaques with Supporting Plinth.

Original solid bronze memorial plaques required a strong structural plinth to support the immense weight of the bronze, and a new surround to compliment the original damaged bronze surround.

A curved base was designed and made to fit existing curved wall, returning around onto the side walls to join the three plaques together. The existing skirting was copied and made into a curve to follow the wall. An overhanging moulded top caps the plinth and forms a flat surface to hold the plaques. A curved square section base rail sits on top and is joined to the moulded frame. The curved top rail becomes a compound curve in the centre with an extended return back to the wall, which is scribed to fit the wall’s shape. Hidden fixings over the top rail secure it to the wall. The skirting board is stained and polished to match the existing skirting, the plinth is painted in an eggshell finish to match the walls and the Mahogany surround is stained and polished.

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